• Print JuJu: Wishbone

    Print JuJu: Wishbone

    Intaglio, Silk Screen, Gold Acrylic

  • Bell Jar: Arms and Legs

    Bell Jar: Arms and Legs

    Intaglio, Silk Screen, Encaustic, Crayons

  • Subcutaneous


    Intaglio, 2017.

  • Relict: Gankyil

    Relict: Gankyil

    Intaglio with Ink Drawing Insert, 2014.

  • Ode to Copper

    Ode to Copper

    Intaglio, Silk Screen, 2015.

  • Knee Bone

    Knee Bone

    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2009.

  • Vessel Dissect

    Vessel Dissect

    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2010.

  • Mastication


    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2010.

  • Wreck of the Windwalker

    Wreck of the Windwalker

    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2011.

  • Down the Drain

    Down the Drain

    Copper Plate Intaglio and Silk Screen, 2011.

  • My Outside Ribs

    My Outside Ribs

    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2011.

  • Cutting My Teeth

    Cutting My Teeth

    Steel Plate Intaglio with Chine-Colle and Japanese Paper, 2011.

  • Rites of Passage

    Rites of Passage

    Steel Plate and Copper Plate Intaglio with Chine Colle, 2011.

  • Mollusks: Tunnel

    Mollusks: Tunnel

    Steel Plate Intaglio, 2011.

  • Harbinger


    Steel Plate Intaglio & Silk Screen, 2011.

  • Santana


    Copper Plate Intaglio, Monotyping, 2017.

  • Tumble


    Copper Plate Intaglio, 2012.