Copper, Iron, & Grit.

My three favorite things. Printmaking, Weights, & Failure.

I'm not sure if I will be able to cohesively write about Printmaking and Cross-fitting in one blog. But I suppose that all chalks up to potential failure. (Don't worry, all these puns and plays-on-words will come into play later!) I have fallen head over heals for both Print and Crossfit since the day I met them. They both require problem solving, tenacity, and the ability to push through fear. So in the future posts may or not flow together with a narrative, but may be interconnected and influenced by my weekly experiences in the studio and at the box.

To start things off, I've included below a lovely little word web. If you don't know much about printmaking, this may or may not help describe it. I will post more of them in the future; they are my most utilized form of brainstorming and visual problem solving.

There may be times posts ask or require dialogue, and in that case I hope you'll contribute. (I think McLuhan would say blogs are a hot media, because they are more interactive than some other media...) Others may become merely musings.