Bio & Expertise

Jessie Hornbrook is a printmaker and multidisciplinary artist working in intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, relief, and experimental photography. Her prints merge ink, light, form, and pixel into works that become layered both physically and conceptually. The delicate interplay of paper and mediums allows her to create relationships between tangible objects and intangible ideas.

Hornbrook earned her BFA from Central Michigan University and her MFA in Studio Art (Printmaking) from Louisiana State University. As the Assistant Professor of Printmaking at the University of Central Arkansas she teaches Print, Drawing, Portfolio, and 2D art. She is an avid member of multiple national printmaking councils and has shown work internationally in Rome, Spain, Canada and, South America. Her passion is working in the tactile qualities of printmaking and to pass on the alchemic knowledge that lies in its traditional techniques through a contemporary approach.